Roma Political School 2023

Roma Political School is a project funded by Council of Europe.

For the project implementation ROTA is partnering SOUK – Shout Out UK, a renown organisation specialised on Political Literacy. SOUK is also ensuring the Secretariate of the All Party Parliamentarian Group for Political Literacy.
The project consists in organising of five regional workshops, where SOUK will run training courses, with a special designed curricula to address the GRT issues. Also, at the regional workshops will be invited local authorities and local political organisation where they will have the opportunity to present and debate any local policies initiatives to address GRT issues.

30 participants form the regional workshops (6 participants from each regional workshop) will be selected to participate to the two days Roma Political School National Conference. One session of the conference will be the meeting of the All Party Parliamentarian Group for Political Literacy, which will take place at the House of Commons. 

The rest of the conference sessions will be conducted by ROTA where will be presented materials about Roma History, Roma Movement History in Europe, GRT Movement History in UK, Gender Equality, and training courses on Community Engagement, Democratic Participation, Community Organising. Also, the GR8 Power concept will be presented as a concrete possibility to build up a genuine representation.

The Call for participants is taking place in the period 1-31 August 2023.

The application form could be downloaded here 

and should be sent to 

no later than 31 August 2023, at 23:59.