Why choose us


ROTA is providing a wide range of services towards governmental and non-governmental organisation. Our members, staff and volunteers have a vast experience in engaging and working with Roma communities and individuals.

- Project Implementation Consultancy

- Community Engagement facilitation

- Continuous Learning Training Courses

- Roma Culture and History

- Gender and Roma Equality

For centuries Roma have been the victims of discrimination, abuse and ignorance – in one word Antigypsyism.

Roma voice matters!

We have been the subject of different policies led by different regimes, no matter which those policies were, Slavery, Holocaust, relocations, forced assimilation or so-called social inclusion, we have never been fully involved in any decision. This is the reason of nowadays failure of the public policies meant to improve the situation of the Gypsies , Roma and Travellers in UK.

Today, the Antigypsyism is expressed through ignorance and pseudo-participation/representation. ROTA wants to change this situation and to empower the Roma communities for a better participation and representation, hence our mantra: “NOTHING ABOUT ROMA, WITHOUT ROMA!”